Hit “The Slopes” With New Sylvan Lake Real Estate

Apart from dodging the odd mogul, hitting the slopes for a ski adventure can be a great source of rest and relaxation. But to experience those things year round, nothing beats Sylvan Lake Real Estate in the enticing new development known as “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake”.

Naming a new home project can be tricky. Just ask the residents of “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, which has since been shortened to Dumbo. How do you encapsulate the spirit and quality of a community in a few words? Fortunately, the Belterra Land Company, developers of “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake”, did it perfectly. When you view this vibrant area, you’ll find many of the same qualities that you associate with slopes.


For this Sylvan Lake Real Estate, “gentle” is an apt description on many levels. It starts with the softly cascading hillsides that helped inspire the name, and continues with what the developers accurately describe as a “gentle infusion of lakeside energy”.

It extends to the overall feel and the people who are attracted to this Sylvan Lake Real Estate. By design, it achieves that rare balance between upscale and unpretentious, a haven reserved for a select few but with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


At a time when development seems to be stifling us at every turn, “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” is a breath of fresh air. Located near the Summer Village of Birchcliff on Sylvan Lake’s northeastern bank, this pristine community remains untouched by the rampant construction present in other areas around the lake.

And while its beauty is undisputed, its appeal stems equally from what you see and what you hear. Or rather, what you don’t hear. In this oasis of quiet far removed from the din and distractions of everyday living, “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” has the unmistakable feel of a soothing retreat.


Of course, if quiet was the only criteria for desirable Sylvan Lake Real Estate, there’d be a waiting list for solitary confinement. But here again, The Slopes offers up the best of both worlds. Residents can bask in the peace and privacy afforded by their luxurious homes and then emerge to find a vast walkout of shared space.

While many mls listings these days are from neighborhoods where every square inch seems to be occupied, The Slopes has set aside over half of its sprawling 49 acres as natural preserves. There, homeowners can reflect around two tranquil ponds or connect via a system of paved trails that link the lots together. Even the individual yards for this Real Estate encourage interaction with minimal fencing. So whether you like to cap off your day by retreating to the comfort of your dwelling or by reconnecting with family, friends and neighbors, “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” will be there to welcome you home.


Think back to that moment when you realized that the man or woman you were dating was “the one”. Sure, it had a lot to do with liking what you heard, but liking what you saw didn’t hurt.

In a similar vein, The Slopes and its Sylvan Lake Real Estate captivate by being easy on the eyes as well as the ears. Its landscape of generous green spaces and shimmering blue waters is easy to fall for and hard to top. Sure, the gentle sounds of nature will eventually coax you in, but don’t be surprised if the hypnotic vistas leave you a willing victim of love at first sight.

Hitting the slopes for a ski vacation or moving to “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” both have a lot to offer. But whereas the former is constantly thrusting you downhill, the latter will raise you, your family and your expectations to a whole new level.

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Pointers to Help You Decide Whether To ‘Lease or Buy’

More often than not, deciding between buying or leasing a property can be nerve-racking. If you ever have to decide on either of these, you must first assess the pros and cons of each option. After having done that, you will get a clear picture of what you really want to go for. Additionally, following these pointers would definitely put you out of your misery, helping you with your buying or leasing decision.

You must consider buying the property if:

You Want Control Over the Property

As the years go by, you might feel like making changes to your property. If the property is rented, then you might have to ask permission from the landowner before making any such changes. Therefore, it is always better to purchase the property in order to save yourself from this unnecessary hassle.

You Can Consider the Long-Term Cost

It is always better to purchase property because you would end up paying more if you took it up on lease, considering that the landlord, in addition to the rent and maintenance costs, would ask for more money to build profit for himself.

You Haven’t Found a Suitable Property to Lease

If all the properties that suit your requirements are available for sale, but not on lease, then you are left with no option but to purchase it.

You’re in an Area of Appreciating Land Values

If you happen to find a property in an area where the land value is likely to increase in a few years time, then the best option is to purchase that property, guaranteeing your handsome returns on investment.

On the other hand, leasing may be a better option for you, if:

You’re Short on Finances

If you are looking out for a property and don’t have sufficient money to buy it, then it is always better to lease it. This way, you can save a lot, and won’t be burdened by ownership costs.

You Don’t Want to Be Burdened With Maintenance Duty

If you don’t want to take up the responsibility of maintaining the property, then availing it on the lease would be the best option for you. In this way, the property would have to be maintained by the landlord.

You Haven’t Found a Suitable Property to Buy

If you happen to come across a property that suits your requirements, but is available only on lease, then the best thing you can do is to rent it.

The Property is Located in An Area of Depreciating Property Value

Although the property might be the one you have been looking out for, if its value has been scaling down consistently, then there is a possibility that the area’s real estate values won’t go up anytime soon. Therefore, it is best to lease the property in such circumstances.