Going to Talk About Getting a Job in the State Capital

I have been working here in the local government for about a decade. I went to work there right after I got out of college thanks to a friend of my Dad. Now I am going to have a chance to interview for a job with the state government in Raleigh North Carolina. I am not sure if I am going to get the job or not, but it would be worth a shot to look and see. Here there is not much else I can do without winning an election probably. I have an immediate boss and another guy above him in our department. It would probably be another decade before either of them moved to the side to make room for me, and of course no one would guarantee that I would automatically move up a spot at that point. Read the rest of this entry »

What Are the Challenges Faced by Renters?

A growing number of people prefer to rent a home today for varied reasons. Some find it more affordable, particularly for those who don’t have a sufficient budget to allow them to purchase their dream house. For others, it offers the convenience of living close to amenities and the lifestyle they are after whilst for others, they can avoid the headaches that come with home ownership, such as dealing with maintenance issues and up keep of the home.

All different types of people rent homes, apartments and units. They range from singles and single parents to couples and families. Some are retirees while others are downsizers or those who opt to move from a bigger home to a smaller residential property.

But it’s not always an easy road being a tenant. There are often challenges that have to be dealt with.

A recent survey by realestateview.com.au covering 1,216 Australians showed that more than half of renters or 59.7 percent are frustrated by not being able to make changes to the property they are occupying. These changes include putting nails in the wall, adding another phone line or installing a TV wall mount.

Some 44.1 percent said they are annoyed by property managers who don’t respond to their issues. The pet peeves of other tenants concern pet rules/restrictions (37.8 percent), paying using their personal funds to fix things in the property (30.3 percent) and last minute inspections (14.7 percent). Another 14.7 percent of respondents pointed out the lack of flexibility in the lease agreement or contract.

Lack of pet-friendly rental units is one of the major issues faced by renters in Australia, particularly for those who love to raise pets in their homes. Latest reports show that there is a rising demand for apartments that allow pets. Currently, less than 10 percent of rental properties in Australia claim to be pet friendly.

Finding a rental property also has its corresponding challenges. The survey found the top three difficulties faced by renters are competition at 58.5 percent, getting to opens or inconvenient open times (55.9 percent) and a long-winded application process (34.9 percent). The others cited reference checks (17 percent) and income test (16.6 percent).

Many people today prefer to rent apartments or units in the inner or middle city suburbs. For them, being close to the Central Business District (CBD) has many advantages. They are not only close to public transportation but also to various important facilities.

Hit “The Slopes” With New Sylvan Lake Real Estate

Apart from dodging the odd mogul, hitting the slopes for a ski adventure can be a great source of rest and relaxation. But to experience those things year round, nothing beats Sylvan Lake Real Estate in the enticing new development known as “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake”.

Naming a new home project can be tricky. Just ask the residents of “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, which has since been shortened to Dumbo. How do you encapsulate the spirit and quality of a community in a few words? Fortunately, the Belterra Land Company, developers of “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake”, did it perfectly. When you view this vibrant area, you’ll find many of the same qualities that you associate with slopes.


For this Sylvan Lake Real Estate, “gentle” is an apt description on many levels. It starts with the softly cascading hillsides that helped inspire the name, and continues with what the developers accurately describe as a “gentle infusion of lakeside energy”.

It extends to the overall feel and the people who are attracted to this Sylvan Lake Real Estate. By design, it achieves that rare balance between upscale and unpretentious, a haven reserved for a select few but with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


At a time when development seems to be stifling us at every turn, “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” is a breath of fresh air. Located near the Summer Village of Birchcliff on Sylvan Lake’s northeastern bank, this pristine community remains untouched by the rampant construction present in other areas around the lake.

And while its beauty is undisputed, its appeal stems equally from what you see and what you hear. Or rather, what you don’t hear. In this oasis of quiet far removed from the din and distractions of everyday living, “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” has the unmistakable feel of a soothing retreat.


Of course, if quiet was the only criteria for desirable Sylvan Lake Real Estate, there’d be a waiting list for solitary confinement. But here again, The Slopes offers up the best of both worlds. Residents can bask in the peace and privacy afforded by their luxurious homes and then emerge to find a vast walkout of shared space.

While many mls listings these days are from neighborhoods where every square inch seems to be occupied, The Slopes has set aside over half of its sprawling 49 acres as natural preserves. There, homeowners can reflect around two tranquil ponds or connect via a system of paved trails that link the lots together. Even the individual yards for this Real Estate encourage interaction with minimal fencing. So whether you like to cap off your day by retreating to the comfort of your dwelling or by reconnecting with family, friends and neighbors, “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” will be there to welcome you home.


Think back to that moment when you realized that the man or woman you were dating was “the one”. Sure, it had a lot to do with liking what you heard, but liking what you saw didn’t hurt.

In a similar vein, The Slopes and its Sylvan Lake Real Estate captivate by being easy on the eyes as well as the ears. Its landscape of generous green spaces and shimmering blue waters is easy to fall for and hard to top. Sure, the gentle sounds of nature will eventually coax you in, but don’t be surprised if the hypnotic vistas leave you a willing victim of love at first sight.

Hitting the slopes for a ski vacation or moving to “The Slopes of Sylvan Lake” both have a lot to offer. But whereas the former is constantly thrusting you downhill, the latter will raise you, your family and your expectations to a whole new level.